How to choose the best wig (toupee) shampoo?(2)

How to choose the best wig (toupee) shampoo?(2)

Synthetic hair generally does not absorb the moisturizing ingredients in shampoos or conditioners, but wig shampoo sometimes helps to untangle tangled hair. You can extend the life of synthetic wigs by choose the right wig shampoo during use, but nevertheless many synthetic wigs still break down quickly. To know how long the wig can be worn depends on the quality of the wig itself, rather than shampoo.

Human hair wigs tend to be more expensive than artificial wigs, but the service life is longer, however, human hair wigs also need special care. People are extra careful with wigs because there are usually processed several times. Especially when the wig is dyed to change its color and other methods to change its shape, it needs more careful care.

The wig doesn't usually need to be washed often, and over-washing a wig can actually make it wear out faster. Even if you wear your wig every day, washing it once or twice a week is usually enough. 

It is also important to know how to properly use wig shampoo, cold water is recommended as it is gentler than hot water and will not cause wear and frizz. Place the wig in a basin or sink full of cool water and pat it gently, avoid scrubbing hard, otherwise, it will damage the wig. After washing the wig, gently pat dry and put it on a wig stand to dry.

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