How to choose the best wig (toupee) shampoo?(1)

How to choose the best wig (toupee) shampoo?(1)

Choosing the best wig (toupee) shampoo depends a lot on what kind of wig (toupee) you want to clean. Some wigs are made of human hair, some are made of synthetic fibers, and they require different care. Glossy wigs may also require a special shampoo, depending on whether it is composed of synthetic fibers or human hair.

Customers can usually buy the best wig shampoo at beauty supply stores, and this shampoo is suitable for light cleaning of wigs. Artificial wigs require special treatment because they are made of fibers and not real hair. Therefore, some wig shampoos are formulated more like a wash for delicate fabrics, and some stylists even suggest using a wash for delicate fabrics directly as a shampoo for wigs. Sometimes it is also recommended to put a wig (toupee) in the softener.


Another option for cleaning artificial wigs (toupee) is to use baby shampoo or other mild shampoos. The key is to use a mild detergent to prevent wear and tear on the fibers of the wig.

In fact, you should avoid using deep cleansing shampoos, because they can cause your wig to lose some of its colors.

Once the artificial wig becomes disheveled or stiff, even the best wig shampoo is difficult to bring it back to life.


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