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If this is something you have been considering don't hesitate! I have played around with a few different companies and this is by far the best.

Long soft

Would like more layers like the photo

Long, good value for costume

Many people didn’t recognize me. (I have dark hair) and didn’t suspect it was a wig. Most were amazed it was a wig. Very soft and shiny. I’m not a fan of The dark roots. I did trim the bangs.

Cheveux très naturel bonne épaisseur quand ils sont coupé

Cher messieurs j'ai fait un petit cadeau a mon mari, c'était une première pour moi de lui installer, qui fut un succès, les cheveux sur le coup on l'aire mince, mais détrompez-vous car une fois coupé, il y en a assez même une bonne densité,qualité du cheveux est très naturel, pour la durée du cheveux, vous devez pensez ne pas laver les cheveux tout les jours, vous pouvez avec un vaporisateur avec de l'eau les mouillé pour seulement vous replacer les couettes du matin, le matériel est fragile et mince comme une deuxième peau, alors faites attention quand vous la décollé, c'est comme un precieux, je suis déjà dans le domaine de la coiffure depuis longtemps, et j'ai fait beaucoup d'extension de cheveux pour femmes, et c'est le même traitement, alors mon compte rendu est cheveux de bonne qualité, texture très bien ,peau fait mince et très naturel mais fragile il faut vraiment être délicat pour manipuler, je dois dire que je vous le recommande.
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Amazing Product!

First of all, the shipping was fast and the package came undamaged. I like the packaging as it looks neat and professional. For the hair, it looks absolutely gorgeous. It's not fake looking. It has the right amount of shine and the correct color for me. It's not bulky or too large as well. I would order this product again as soon as I would need it. It has brought my confidence back. I would say it is the BEST toupee out there.

You wont Regret buying this product

Ive been buying these for over 2 years
Bought from the best dealers and spent double sometimes triple.. what these cost... they are well made. Thick good hair and last. Love them...


I'm super happy with my new hair, i try so many brand and no one is like this. I recomend this hair piece. Also is really soft and really good for manually

The best toupee ever!!!

Ive been wearing a toupee for quite some time, and I believe that I’ve tried almost every brand, but none of the brands compare to this one! the quality is just amazing, and it lasts around 4/6 Months depending on how you take care it, but I can say definitely 4 months!
I Completely recommend it!!!!

GREAT Product, better then the rest!

i have used many other hair pieces, over 15 in the last three yrs. all were the best and most up to date so they said. ATOUPEE HAIR, there products and pieces are by far better then any other ones i have used, i bought this #1b and just guessed on color and it fit and was almost perfect color
worth every penny, breathable in the summer and the hair is as good as they come , thank you ATOUPEE hair

Excellent product

This is my second hairpiece. Honestly the hair is of very good quality and very manageable and natural. Honestly really blends the front hairline very well.I’ve been wearing this product for almost three monts now with proper care and it looks like it will last a few months more. I'm very happy with this piece and will most likely buy another when it wears ou to. Hair falls naturally and the Fench lace center really breathes in the heat as opposed to entirely p.u base systems. Great choise. I highly recommend it.

Nice quality

It's a good quality human hair with nice color and thickness. A wavy hair that is different from the model's hair look and style.The mold is a little small, it may be uncomfortable if you have a big head, but it is a flexible wig. Since the sole is not very thick, silicone-like material, it can sweat in hot weather.
Although it may seem strange when I first bought it, it looks natural when I comb it.

It is legit!

It looks natural. I need to go to a salon to have it put in. (I ordered wig tape, does not come with it.) I have thick black hair (besides on top) and got Natural black, It has slight reddish tones in the black, natural looking like my own. It is long enough to be brushed back and cover the top of the head. Needs styling. Second system I have gotten, and this product is great! Definitely recommend for someone with missing hair on top who wants to brush it back. Can easily be styled into my natural longer hair.

I am very thankful for this product. Has helped with my self confidence.

I have alopecia and my hairdresser suggested l purchase this product. She glued it in place and styled it to cover up my alopecia. The only downfall is that after about four weeks it has to be removed and reapplied. But this Product has helped with my self-confidence greatly.

Gently clips into place no glue no tape love this TOPPER❤️

I had given up on the toupee idea with the tape and glue and all the nonsense.. But when I saw this topper with hair clips in it it was an idea that never crossed my mind I bought it plopped it on my head ran my hands through it a couple times and Wala it’s a done deal I am absolutely in love I bought two!! I don’t have to shave my head use tape or glue it’s wonderful I throw it on like a hat and take it off as I please I wore it to my 43rd birthday.. Everyone told me how wonderful and put together I looked but no one said anything about the topper. First hair piece I’ve been able to throw on forget about and Go on about my day it disappears into my own hair perfectly


I was very nervous about ordering this toupee since this will be my first one, I have been watching videos and preparing my self to start wearing one of these pieces on my head. I followed directions from videos I watched about measuring your head (from to back, size by size) in my case a 8”x10” was perfect for me. The color is light blonde very good hair and the touch is very soft ! The hair line i looks good anyway. The seller has great communication and answer questions in seconds! I will definitely keep buying from from this seller for years to come. Now I’m ready to say goodbye to be bald lol ...Hope this will help someone to make a decision.

Great hair system, very natural looking

I been wanting to write an update for a while, originally I had issues with styling this system, but decided to cut it short and it worked perfect, the hair looks as natural as if is my own hair and absolutely no way for anyone to detect. So after 20 years with longer hair I really discovered a great hair system that I can keep short for summer time with minimum to no styling need and always ready to go. I love it.


Estoy súper satisfecho con la prótesis .. el tamaño , el color, y la calidad es exactamente cómo en la descripción .. estoy muy feliz y seguiré comprado prótesis de esta marca .. el empaque muy seguro y el cabello es 100% natural .. el tiempo de envío fue súper rápido y todo llegó en excelentes condiciones .. Todo esta perfecto ..

lots of hair

lots of hair to shape anyway you want. Good product

Considering toupee? Touche!

Why the heck not! As a pro photo with a keen eye I’d never notice, even when shooting runway fashion in New York City. Love Atbering’s hairy nature so have no shame! No “rug” in sight. Go for it, handsome gents!

5.0 out of 5 stars Very realistic hairline, beautiful quality hair.

This hair it so soft and shiny.

The hairline is amazingly realistic.

Lightweight and easy to wear.

Has enough length that you could cut and style in a variety of different styles.

Great product and good quali

Soft natural hair

This is a nice quality toupee. The fit is a little small, but it seems to have a slight stretchiness so it works, but if you have a larger head, it might be small on you. The base is a thin rubbery material, and it might be hot in the summer.
The hair is real, soft and shiny. It looks odd when you unpack it, but once you brush it, it becomes natural looking and probably thicker than my hair ever was!
I took mine to my hair stylist so I could have an attractive, natural look. I would highly recommend doing this , because it makes a huge difference in how you will look and how you will feel about your hair.
One other note, the medium dark brown is darker than I expected, but true to the color in the seller 's photos.


This was my first system and I am satisfied with it except for the fact that the hair was too dense for my liking is why I ordered the FSV-04, which I have not had cut in yet but it is more appealing to my liking for the density. I am sure I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you.