Introduction to Different Type of Base


Base is one of the most important part on the hairsystems, if you don not understand each of them or you are confusing about  them, pls read this guide article, you may understand them easily. 

Lace Base

Lace base-breathable, comfortbale, and looks nutural.

There are severl type of lace bases. Generally, French lace and Swiss lace are very common in the market, and Chinese lace and Australia lace are the new in recent years. Chinese lace is one of the most durable lace. and what the differents between French lace and Swiss lace? We have a professional aticle to explaning the question, you could click Here.


Skin Base

Skin Base - soft to the skin, durable, the price is cheaper than the lace base. The lace base hairsystem were super common in the market. Wear a skin base hairsystem like your own skin. 


Mixed Base

Mixed Base-normally, they were mixed by lace and shin. and they are another common type in the market. Some of our costomers asked, what's the mixed base's advantage? If you are the beginner, we recommend you to choose this type, because they are breathable and  easy wearing or holdding. 


Mono Base

Mono Base - one of the most cheapest type in the market. while it is not comfortbal as those three above. 


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