Swiss Lace and French Lace System-Which One is Better For You?

Swiss Lace and French Lace System-Which One is Better For You?

Some of our consumer have no idea to choose a French lace system or Swiss lace system, or they even don’t what a lace is. According to Wikipedia, Lace is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern, made by machine or by hand.

Nowadays lace is widely used as a base for the hair system. And the hair is knotted and attached to the lace. And the most common is French lace and Swiss lace.


What’s the difference between the French Lace and Swiss lace?

French lace system

  1. It has a fine-mesh material, that is to say you could incorporate a high density into the meshes.
  2. It is more robust, more durable and the color is generally a bit dark.
  3. It doesn’t free as fast. But the invisible in the front is still given.

Sum: A French lace is more suitable for beginners or hairstyles with more volume.

Compared with French lace, Swiss lace system has the following characters:

  1. It is more coarse-meshed. In other words, it’s for hair system with less volume.
  2. It’s a lot more transparent and feels softer on the skin.
  3. While the material is a lot more sensitive and delicate. So that it is not very durable.
  4. However, the hairline is completely invisible.

Sum: Swiss lace system is more suitable for experienced hair system wearers.


Now we know the difference between the French lace and Swiss lace, how to know which one is more suitable for me?

You should analyse your own hair density:

  1. Do I have little hair on the sides?
  2. What kind of hairstyle do I prefer?
  3. What kind of lifestyle do I want?

For example, if you have less hair on the sides than most people, and you wanna short hair, maybe 3-5cm, you’d better choose a Swiss lace system. Because it has more coarse-meshed, therefor, less hair can be incorporated.

While if you have a high hair density on the sides and want a lot of volume, you’d better choose a French lace system. Because the hairstyle is more susceptible and you have to use more styling products.

Another example, if your job has a lot of requirements, such as you have to wear a helmet or a cap all the time, you’d better choose a French lace system.

You also have to think about the durability and naturalness you want to achieve. There’s a rule of thumb: the more durability you want, the more unnatural the system is.

Please read it twice again, and hope you could choose the most suitable one.

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