The difference between synthetic hair and human hair

The difference between synthetic hair and human hair

Toupee according to the material distinction between the following two kinds. 

synthetic toupee made of chemical fiber, poor realism, easy to wear and scalp reaction, but also easy to knot, generally for one-time use products, but the price is cheap lasting styling effect.

Real human hair toupee is the choice of process, pure real human hair made, its realism is very high, not easy to knot, can be trimmed, dyed, hot, easy to change the hair, to truly achieve a toupee effect of a hundred changes, such as their hair, need to take care of. 

There are various types of toupees, when buying a toupee to consider their inherent hair condition, combined with economic conditions to buy a suitable toupee. 

Real human hair is well made, and the texture is clear, there is no heavy feeling after wearing. No burden, you can wear it every day! Because of the material, real human hair, not easy to frizz, appearance, color can remain unchanged for a long time, more stable, and very easy to become soft aftercare.


Wig material is best to use real human hair to do the headcover, hair color is best with their own color or similar (because it is a real human hair wig, can also be dyed to their favorite hair color)


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