Why We Do Not Suggest You to Make a Transplant Surgery

Why We Do Not Suggest You to Make a Transplant Surgery

There are many people who were frustrated with hair loosing and they have no idea whether to get a transplant surgery or to buy a hair system. This article will analyze which one is better is for you.

Most transplant clinic said they have the best technique for surgery, and most of transplant hair could survive, furthermore they always said you only pay thousands pounds you could get your own hair again. Have you ever suspected them?

As for the survival rate of the hair follicles, according to professor Muthuvel Kumaresan’s paper on Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery Journal, nearly 91.08% patents had various grades of reduction in the density of transplanted hairs, and some of them said the survival rate of transplant hail only 50% after one month of the surgery, actually the average survival rate only 70%, although the data is still in discussion. Therefore, we could know that, the clinic could not promise you the survival rate, it depends on many reasons, such as the technique, the doctor…any way please do not trust them all.

In the following table is the price for hair transplant surgery from a famous clinic in UK.


They said they have the most competitive price in the world, but look at the lowest price for the surgery, nearly 2000 pounds, plus all kinds of Nutrient Solutions which could improve the survival rate for the transplant hair. The total price you might pay more than 4000 pounds. And most important is that our hair could only survive 2-5 years. That is to say you need to have the surgery again and again, besides that you have to suffer the pain during the surgery. In contrary, what if you use the money to buy toupees? According the website, the average price the products is 150 pounds, and one hair system could be use 3-6 months, that is to say, you could use nearly seven years, at least you could use nearly 4 years, furthermore, you could try different hairstyle, different color you have never tried. Besides that, you will never suffer the surgery pain, and you could save a lot of money, which could afford you an impressive vacation trip. The most important is that, if you wear a high quality hair system, nobody could recognize it, even your best friends, if you don’t tell them.

Anyway, if you are a billionaire or millionaire, and you don’t care about the money, you could choose to do hair transplant surgery, choose the best clinic and doctor. While if you are normal people like me, you’d better to choose hair systems.

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