How can I prevent hair loss?

How can I prevent hair loss?

There are a few things you can do to minimize hair loss:

Keep hairstyles loose. try to keep them loose so they don’t put too much pressure on your hair.
Avoid touching your hair. As much as possible, try not to pull, twist, or rub your hair.
Pat hair dry. After washing, use a towel to gently pat your hair dry. Avoid rubbing your hair with the towel or twisting it within the towel.
Aim for a nutrient-rich balanced diet. Try to incorporate plenty of iron and protein into snacks and meals.
Styling products and tools are also common culprits in hair loss. Examples of products or tools that can affect hair loss include:

blow dryers
heated combs
hair straighteners
coloring products
bleaching agents
If you decide to style your hair with heated tools, only do so when your hair is dry and use the lowest settings possible.

If you’re currently losing hair, use a gentle baby shampoo to wash your hair. Unless you have extremely oily hair, consider washing your hair only every other day or less.

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