Does toupee have an effect on hair growth?

Does toupee have an effect on hair growth?

Toupees are very useful for men who suffer from hair loss or those who have bad hair. There are many different types of toupee and more than one way to wear them, but both the type of toupee and the way it is worn have a negligible effect on hair growth.

 Machine-woven toupee

Machine-woven toupees vary in quality and price. Customers can also choose from a variety of bases for mechanical toupees. The base of these toupees is usually post-treated to allow the scalp and the hair underneath to breathe. Unless you wear it the wrong way, it won’t hinder hair growth.

 Hand-woven toupee

Many high-quality toupees, whether made from artificial hair or human hair, are hand-tied to the lace mesh base. This ensures that the ventilation is good. Ventilation of the toupee is important, as too little ventilation can lead to prolonged blockage of the hair follicles.

 Toupee accessories

Most pre-made toupees are medium-sized and can be worn by most customers. Adjustable bases are also available to adapt different head sizes. The wrong-wearing method can cause scalp irritation and hair tangles, which can lead to growth problems.

 Toupee glue

Lace base toupees are usually applied to the hairline with a product such as a toupee glue. After repeated use and removal, these products may cause your hair to thin out or create baldness at the hairline. These effects may be irreversible.

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