Can toupee cause health problems?

Can toupee cause health problems?


Wigs are a popular fashion accessory in recent decades, and today's wigs are very different from the uncomfortable, heavy wigs of the past. Today, high quality wigs can be lightweight, comfortable, natural looking and easy to maintain.The wig industry has been innovating in recent years and has achieved good results in terms of safety, comfort, etc. Until today there are still many people have some misconceptions about wigs. Some of the health issues will be explained below.


Can toupee cause headaches?

Only the wrong way of wearing toupee can cause headaches. If used improperly will put pressure on the head, eventually leading to frequent headaches. If you feel discomfort, you can slightly loosen the toupee cap, so that the headache can be relieved.


Can toupee cause hair-loss?

It is important to follow the prescribed steps when wearing a toupee, as the wrong steps can damage healthy hair and lead to hair loss. If you plan to wear a toupee, you’ll need to clean and conditioning your hair regularly. Taking the time to position your hair before putting on the toupee rather than simply tucking it under will go a long way towards preventing breakage and hair loss.


Are fake hair damaging to your hair?

You need make sure you that you are not allergic to any of the materials in the toupee you will be wearing.

Dandruff, hair breakage and other problems are caused by lack of oxygen.That's why you should buy a toupee made of high-quality materials that allow the skin and hair to breathe, and not wear a toupee for twenty-four hours if there are no special requirements.

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